Input Date Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Date of Sale Maximum Allowable Offer Total Owed % of Orig Mtge Amt Judgment Amount Original Mortgage Amount Original Mortgage Date Additional Lienholder 1 Additional Lienholder 2 Additional Lienholder 3 Additional Lienholder 4 Defendant Address Defendant City Maps Zillow Bankruptcy Filed Property Identification Number Recorder Assessor Case Number Interest Rate Property Type Plaintiff Defendant FirstName 2 Defendant LastName 2 Zip Code Short State County REIReply
2023-05-10 FRED L JORDAN 0 75,420 129% 45,483 58,580 12/8/2011 HUD 2209018235 11937 ILLINOIS HOUSING DEV AUTHORITY 1200312181 15000 ILLINOIS HOUSING DEV AUTHORITY 1200312182 3000 8116 S MICHIGAN AVE CHICAGO MAPS ZILW 20-34-113-064 RECR ASSR 23CH004527 425 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE MIDFIRST BANK 60619 COOK REIR

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