iBuyAny Systems Video Training (click the link below, and then select download to save this video large file to your PC.. (Don’t save this to your cell phone – it’s too large).

Onboarding Video 1 of 4:  Intro, accessing the property databases(Properties), MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer); Get the most current and accurate phone numbers with Forewarn; Add the contact to REIReply, our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


Onboarding Video 2 of 4:   Get the most accurate phone numbers with Forewarn.  Add record (with phone number) to REIReply (CRM) as a contact, to place phone calls and send SMS text messages to the contact.  How to call using REIReply.

Onboarding Video 3 of 4:  Skip tracing deep dive with TruePeopleSearch/Truthfinder

Onboarding Video 4 of 4:  Checking Foreclosure “status”.  Summary of Flow, Property lead & verifying MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer); gather phone number, Add record to REIRepl, Calling contact, Sending SMS to the contact; adding descriptive notes to the Propstream record.